The Tivoli Society

The Tivoli Society supports the mission of the Weinberg Center and works to develop and administer specific programs that emphasize education and heightened community awareness. Tivoli Society members, who pledge $1,000 per year for ten years, enjoy additional benefits and privileges, including:

  • A special seating section — the best seats in the house!
  • Invitations to private Tivoli Society Pre-Show Receptions
  • Two season passes to the entire Movie series
  • Complimentary tickets to one Live! Series presentation
  • Your name listed in the Weinberg season playbill
  • Your name listed in the Weinberg lobby

Tivoli Society membership helps make the Weinberg a regional leader in the performing arts and allows us to continue enriching lives and creating community by:

  • Presenting artistic programming of the highest quality that serves diverse audiences and brings world-renowned artists to our stage;
  • Offering access to the arts through arts education and community programming;
  • Strengthening the arts community in central Maryland by exposing a broad range of talent and regional performance groups to our community;

We invite you to join us. With your commitment, the Weinberg Center will continue to strengthen the mid-Maryland region by bringing the arts to Frederick. Please contact Rebecca O’Leary at to make your gift.

Thank you, Tivoli Society members!

The Tivoli Society is a special group of donors who pledge $10,000 or more over a ten-year period. The theater is deeply indebted to these individuals for their generosity. This listing is current as of September 1, 2016. Please contact the theater with any errors or omissions. 

($20,000 or more given or pledged)
Michael Campagnoli
Kate Costlow & John D’Amore
Bobbie Jo & Bryce McCord
Helen Reinsch
Yvonne & Jim Reinsch
Robin & Arthur Sagoskin
Sherri & Todd Troutman
Ann & David Wiegand

($11,000-$19,999 given or pledged)
Lisa Ausherman
Marvin Ausherman
Marj & Phil Berkheimer
George Delaplaine
Suzanne & Mark Friis
Joan & Hunt Hendrickson
Joan & Marty Lapera
Adam & Christina Rath Leaman
Miriam & Vaughn Meglan
Holly & Ray Ramsburg
Aldan Weinberg
Danyce Weinberg

(Completed a $10,000 gift)
Paula & Bob Biser
Sherry & Greg Burgee
Sue & David Chapin
Amy Benton & Tom Chase
Dr. & Ms. Denton Cooley
Teresa & Gordon Cooley
Elizabeth & Peter Cromwell
Carrie & Eric Delente
Ann & Merrill Fisher
Donna Gaver
Susan & Richard Glover
Jim Grimes
Joyce & Gail Guyton
Kittybelle & Mike Hosford
Patty & Jeff Hurwitz
Jean M. Joyce
Candy & Michael Kelly
Karlys Kline & Tom Lynch
Vicki & Peter Michael
Janine Borofka & Jason Miller
Susie Miller
Lisa & Doug Murphy
Kathryn & Charles Nicodemus
Shawn & Mark Pitts
Norma & J.R. Ramsburg
Alonnie & Brian Ropp
Patty & Al Shockley
Doris Vona
Pam & Rand Weinberg
Jan & Joe Welty
Karen & Ron Young

($10,000 pledged)
Ann & Ric Adams
Johanna Zimmerly & Joseph I. Berman
Martha Pierce & Dan Blum
John Day & Peter Brehm
Bill Browning
Karen & Dr. Bob Buckheit
Laurel Kircher & William Carlin
Mary Jeanne & Nicholas Carrera
Charlotte & Bryan Chaney
Elizabeth & Galen Clagett
Elizabeth A. Conklyn, Esq.
Betsy & Scott Cowperthwaite
Elizabeth & Michael Day
Judy & Vince DiFabio
Patricia Westgate & Julie Donat
Kathy & Neil Fay
Christine Ferguson
Julia & Glen Ferguson
Elmira & Robert Fox
Adriane Wodey & Jack Fritz
Pam & Gary Geernaert
Dee Dolan & Harry George
Kimberly & Troy Gladhill
Karen & Eric Grenfell
The Nate and Kate Harris Foundation
Patricia & Everett T. Hart
Patricia Casey & John Healey
Nancy & Scott Hill
Lucy & Kevin Hogan
Kathy & Robert Hooper
Phyllis S. Hoyer
Nikki & Skip Irwin
Dreda & Bernie Kelley
Susan & Tom Kleinhanzl
Lucia & Chris Kline
Lauren  Kremers
John Kurtz
Judy & Mark Lancaster
Vicki & David Lee
Pamela & George Lewis
Natalie & Harry Louden
Nancy & Rocky Mackintosh
Rita & Michael McGowan
Tracey & Bud McPherson
Stacy Michaels
Susan & Richard Miller
Catherine & Michael Mock
Debbie & John Molesworth
Shabri Moore
Veralyn Morris
Jaclyn & David Muir
Meta & Mike Nash
Betsy & Peter Pakenas
Jane Talarico & Michael Paskowsky
Charlene & Michael Perry
Jean & Gary Peterson
Powell Flynn, LLP
Caroline & Michael Pugh
Tracy & Jim Racheff
Drs. Paula & Sidney Ribeau
Sharon & Charles Riser
Linda S. Roth
Cristina & Brian Runkles
Sheila & Michael Schaden
Lisa & Dan Schiffman
Kelly Schulz
Janet & Jim Sears
Elizabeth & Philip Sewell
Renata Sheyner
Jennifer Charlton & Gene Shuldes
Theresa & Dan Shykind
Mary & Daniel Sipe
Karen & Wayne Six
Alexis Adams Slater & Stephen G. Slater
Kelcey Huff & Joseph Sliman
Carolyn & George Smith
Susan & Mark Smith
Jennifer & Dan Soller
Michelle & William Staffieri
Susan & Frank Stanczyk
Hilda & Jonathan Staples
Leesha & Sam Vitale
John Weaver
Jan & Steve West
Olivia White
Melanie & Dave Williamson
Rebecca & Barbara Windsor