Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County: 1st Annual Comedy Night

All proceeds benefit the Boys & Girls Club of Frederick County!

Come laugh with comedians Anita Renfroe and Collin Moulton as they share their humorous perspectives on the highs and lows of parenting. With Anita’s unique brand of estrogen flavored musical comedy and blend of sass, edge and slightly offbeat takes on “All Things Female,” audiences at her comedy events enjoy her William Tell version of everything a Mom says. Collin will open with his electric story-telling style: his familiarity and energy engages and relieves the audience before he even speaks.

Learn more about Anita Renfroe: It’s been a wild decade going from “stay-at-home-mom” to “YouTube comedic Phe-mom-enon”…but Renfroe doesn’t mind. With her unique brand of estrogen-flavored musical comedy and blend of sass, edge and slightly offbeat takes on “All Things Female,” audiences at her comedy concert tours, viewers of “Good Morning America” appearances, and the YouTube masses would say that Renfroe just tells it like it is. She has appeared on “Dr. Phil”, Sirius XM’s “Oprah and Friends,” CBS’s “The Early Show,” “Fox and Friends,” “Inside Edition,” Nickelodeon’s “Mom’s Night Out,” and many more. Renfroe tours with her own comedy concerts and inspirational women’s conferences where she routinely packs out venues across the United States.

Learn about Collin Moulton: Moutlton is one of the most fun, personable, and sought after headliners today. He has had his own stand-up special on Showtime, and a brand new family-friendly special on Amazon. He’s been on Nickelodeon and was recently featured on “Last Call with Carson Daly.” Touring for over 15 years, Moutltonhas gained an ease and enjoyment on stage that makes every show worth watching.

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Oct. 18 | 5 Things You Need to Know About “Hotel California” Before Seeing it Live

Everyone knows The Eagles! They’re one of the most successful bands of all time, and plenty of people have heard their hit single “Hotel California” …but how many people have gotten to experience the whole album performed live? Here’s five fast facts you should know before Classic Albums Live takes the stage this Friday.

1 | “Hotel California” is widely considered to be the band’s commercial peak.

By the album’s release in 1976, The Eagles were already a well-established band with four platinum-certified albums under their belts. But with “Hotel California,” the band managed to reach a diamond certification, albeit its initially mixed reception by critics. For the band’s singer, Don Henley, the album marked the beginning of the end for The Eagles, claiming that the band started growing apart over the years following the album’s release. Not including compilation albums released in later years, the band only released one more album together in 1979 before regrouping without Henley for 2007’s “Long Road Out of Eden.”

2 | “Hotel California” is a concept album, exploring many darker sides of American culture.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Don Henley discussed the different themes running throughout the album as an “exploration of the dark underbelly of the American dream…illusion versus reality…and corruption in politics.” He explained that a lot of the ideas came from the peaceful mentality of the 60’s that he saw fading away through the 70’s.

3 | The album is still celebrated today.

In 2012, Rolling Stone listed “Hotel California” as number 37 on their list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. The praise didn’t stop there, though; Rolling Stone also gave the album’s title track the number 49 spot on their 500 Greatest Songs of All Time list. Some musicians even started tribute bands to perform the entire album for audiences live… and that’s where you come in!

4 | It isn’t just one of The Eagles’ most successful albums, but one of the most successful of all time.

In its first week of album sales, “Hotel California” was certified platinum with a million copies sold. Since the album’s release in 1976, it’s gone on to collect 16 platinum album certifications and a diamond album certification for 16 million copies sold in the U.S. alone. Worldwide, the album has sold around 32 million copies.

5 | The album rocked music charts all over the world.

In the album’s first week, it entered the U.S. Billboard Top 200 chart at number four and later moved up to the number one spot, where it stayed for eight weeks. The album managed to reach the number one spot on charts in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Norway, and New Zealand. It also peaked in both Japan and the United Kingdom at number two.

Now that you’re prepared, you can catch “Hotel California” in its entirety live with Classic Albums Live on October 20!

See you at the theater!

“Edward Scissorhands” (1990)

Happy hour begins at 6:30pm!

A kind inventor is almost finished piecing together his latest creation when fate prevents him from completing his most important project. Edward may seem dangerous, with scissors instead of hands, but when a compassionate Avon lady comes calling, it’s clear that things are going to be changing for him after having been alone in the large empty mansion. What they both don’t realize is that the most important change of all won’t be found in him but in the residents of the sleepy suburb he will be calling home and a young teenage girl whose eyes will be opened.

Please note: This film has replaced the previously-announced screening of “The Princess Bride” for the same date due to licensing restrictions. All tickets for “The Princess Bride” will be honored for “Edward Scissorhands” if so desired. Please contact the Box Office at 301.600.2828 with further questions or to process an exchange or refund.

Directors: Tim Burton
Writers: Tim Burton, Caroline Thompson
Starring: Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Dianne Wiest
Duration: 105min
Genre: Drama, romance, fantasy
MPAA: Rated PG-13

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Flying Dog Brewery

Music from Around the World

Winter Concert “Music from Around the World”

The Frederick Regional Youth Orchestra (FRYO) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality orchestral music opportunities for students in Frederick and the tri-state region. The orchestra is composed of students from public, private, and home-school settings who are interested in the opportunity to meet fellow dedicated musicians, and who wish to gain performance experience.

Students have the opportunity to perform in multiple concerts, participate in master classes, perform with guest soloists, and participate in chamber groups. FRYO also supports school and community-based music programs as other venues for our young musicians to continue their instruction in orchestra literature and performance.

Chamber Talks: Wayne Rivers

The Frederick County Chamber of Commerce and partner Northwestern Mutual-Frederick will host Chamber Talks, an evening presentation and discussion with the nation’s leading authority in family-owned business matters, Wayne Rivers, co-founder and President of the Family Business Institute.

This Chamber Talks event is open to all, and tickets are $10 in advance, $15 at the door.  In addition, Northwestern Mutual-Frederick has purchased a block of tickets, which they are making available to the public for free while supplies last. Please click here to buy tickets.

Wayne Rivers is an expert guest on NBC, MSNBC, CNBC and CNN, and is a popular blogger for the Wall Street Journal. He has written four books, and will present some highlights from his bestseller, “The Top Nine Reasons Family Businesses Fail – and the Eight Building Blocks for Creating a Sustainable Closely Held Business.”

Rivers’ expertise spans the myriad issues specific to family-owned businesses, including:

  • How to ensure a family legacy for your business
  • How to do it right: transferring ownership of a family business to the next generation
  • How to successfully integrate a Board of Directors with family members and others
  • What to do when family-owned business owners don’t want to retire
  • How to handle a family member who underperforms
  • How to navigate the difficult but crucial succession planning conversations
  • How family-owned businesses can manage work-life balance
  • Selling the farm:  when the next generation chooses another career path
  • The “and Daughter” evolution of family businesses
  • Beware the third generation: why family-owned businesses seem to die just two generations removed

Rivers’ presentation will be followed by a question-and-answer session from attendees. Anyone who owns or is employed by a family-owned business will learn strategies and actionable tools for career and business success.

Oct. 13 | Talking 72 Film Fest with Clark Kline

The days are closing in on our local filmmakers as everyone gears up for the 72 Film Fest, which kicks off tonight! With only 72 hours to create their films, the artists will compete with each other this Friday and Saturday. To gear up for the festival, we got to meet with the fest’s very own Clark Kline.

What pushed you to start the 72 Film Fest?

“Filmmakers, especially on the ground and local level, didn’t have a lot of places to screen their work. And a lot of artists, like me, need deadlines and inspiration to write (or make movies), so throw all that in the blender and we get 72. We enter one weekend with no movies, and on the other end we have 40-50 new shorts all screening at the historic Weinberg Center in front of hundreds of peers and film fans.”

Is there anything about the festival that usually ends up being the highlight for you each year?

“It’s like a reunion every year for the group of us that pull it off (including the hosts Doug and Mikael). It’s great having a team of friends and family working on it year after year. But the highlight is probably seeing how the teams interpret the criteria and develop or change up their style over the years. Watching all the movies, and seeing all the fun being had in the behind the scenes pics in the app…It’s cool being the impetus for so much creativity.”

What’s the most challenging part of putting together this festival every year?

“We’re a small team and we’re all volunteers with day jobs. This thing is a bit a beast to pull off partly because we add elements to it each year but haven’t really expanded our team (yet). While it takes loads of work to get us to the Launch Party when all the teams get their criteria, the hardest part for sure is the few days between when a team turns in their film on Sunday and we screen them all at Weinberg on Friday.  Basically what would normally be done over weeks (or months) in a typical film event is compressed into just days. A handful of us tests 50+ movies which usually means watching them three times minimum, running two nights of judging, building out the program with the order of the films, the team bumps and award ceremony, promotions, work with teams over any issues, and edit any last minute stuff we’re doing with the hosts.  This is just the stuff that can’t be done until we have the movies in our hands Sunday night…sometimes there’s straggling work to finish up from the preplanning as well. I’m getting stressed thinking about it but the teams are stressed all weekend while making the movies. That’s part of what makes it 72.”

How did you all decide on using constellations for this year’s theme?

“Last year we decided on tarot, and the idea for constellations came to us pretty much right after as it seemed like a logical next step. We have years 13 and 14 already figured out as well.”

Has anything made this year’s festival different from previous years?

“We always try to add something new each year, and this time we have a bit of a physical element to the criteria. Some years it’s a lot easier for the team to jump off and make a movie. One year was Hollywood mashups where each team chose two random VHS copies of movies and they were asked to combine them into a new movie.  So as long as the team had seen, say, Home Alone and Terminator, they could easily jump in and make a movie around that.  For this year, as well as for our fairytale year, it requires a little research on the team’s part.  So Shae Yamrus designed and gave out a handmade envelope containing some excerpts from various books about the constellation that each team was assigned to help them get started.”

And finally, how did you first get started making movies?

“There’s a few filmmakers on the team, but I was more a writer plugging away on unfinished novels, then got involved in making movies back in mid 2000’s.  I made a few shorts, helped write/direct a couple super-indie feature films that premiered at Weinberg Center. Then I moved into starting 72 Film Fest and haven’t really looked back outside of directing the comedy sketches with the hosts. This past year I’ve helped produce the feature film ‘Leda’ directed by Samuel Tressler IV, which will be going out to festivals early next year.”

If you’re looking to come out and vote for your favorite local films, head on over to our 72 Film Fest page for more info! See you at the theater!

“Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me”

This event is free, but registration is required: call 1-844-418-2281 or make reservations online here.

You and up to five guests are invited to a special FREE screening of Glen Campbell… I’ll Be Me, a documentary about the country music legend. The event will also include a brief panel discussion with experts about Alzheimer’s and dementia-related illness and available resources for caregivers.

In 2011, Glen Campbell set out on an unprecedented tour across America. He thought it would last 5 weeks, instead it went for 151 spectacular sold out shows over a triumphant year-and-a-half. What made this tour extraordinary was that Glen had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

This screening is being co-hosted by the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Maryland and Weinberg Center for the Arts. Doors open at 1pm and the film screening begins at 1:30pm.

Oct. 4 | Top 12 Events This October

It’s that special time of the year again! It’s pumpkin spice season…wait, we meant to say it’s finally the fall season here at the Weinberg! There’s something for everyone on our stage this month. To help you out, here’s the top 12 events you won’t want to miss:

1 | Experience the first pay-what-you-want performance of the season with Bailen

From New York City, the three Bailen siblings and their closest childhood friend bring their family jam sessions to the Weinberg stage. Don’t miss this pop-infused folk show with singers praised to “rival Simon and Garfunkel” by Entertainment Weekly. October 5 at 7:30pm

2 | Go back in time with rock n’ roll’s legendary Darlene Love 

Relive the girl-group era glory days with Darlene Love as she rocks her way through dozens of chart-topping classics, as well as her latest hits. Don’t miss the legendary singer named “one of the greatest singers of all time” by Rolling Stone. October 6 at 8:00pm

3 | Test your luck on The Price Is Right Live™ alongside host Jerry Springer

Have you ever thought “I could do that” while watching The Price Is Right™ at home? Well here’s your chance! Share the stage with Jerry Springer as he hosts The Price Is Right Live™ and go the distance to win that vacation, appliance, or maybe even a new car. So come on down to the Weinberg and bring the whole family! October 8 at 7:00pm

4 | Support local filmmakers in the 12th annual 72 Film Fest

12 years in and still running strong, the 72 Film Fest is back at the Weinberg this October. Regional filmmakers had only 72 hours to make a movie, and now you get to vote for your favorites! With films premiering Friday night followed by Saturday’s main event, film buffs will want to clear their weekend schedules for this one! October 13 at 6:30pm and 14 at 7:00pm

5 | Bring the family out for a magical night with the Champions of Magic

Who doesn’t love magic? In mid-October, five world-class illusionists will bring their daring illusions, spectacular tricks, and even mysterious mind-reading to the Weinberg stage. Don’t miss out on the Champions of Magic’s “pulse-racing” show the Hereford Times called “slick, clever, funny, and amazing.” October 17 at 7:30pm

6 | Catch the spirit of fun with Flip FabriQue

The family fun doesn’t stop with magicians: Flip FabriQue continues the joy with their acrobatic tour de force, Catch Me! Hailed for their “irrepressible spirit of fun” by The New York Times, Flip FabriQue is a circus full of stunning, gravity-defying performances…and even popsicle-eating contests. October 18 at 7:00pm

7 | Enjoy the classic hits of “Hotel California”

One of the best-selling American albums of all time is coming to the Weinberg with Classic Albums Live’s tribute to The Eagles’ iconic record, “Hotel California.” Come hear the whole album performed live, including hits like “Wasted Time” and “New Kid In Town,” followed by other Eagles favorites. October 20 at 8:00pm

8 | Sit down and relax with road poet Martin Sexton

Heralded as “a soul shouter, a road poet, a folkie, and a rocker” by the LA Times, Martin Sexton is bringing his singer-songwriter trio to Frederick to celebrate his latest release “Mixtape of the Open Road.” You won’t want to miss this diverse cross-country show! October 21 at 8:00pm

9 | One of country’s most recognizable voices come to Frederick

Tracy Lawrence is one of the leading voices in country music today, and is on track to recording his career-defining album, according to Billboard. With eighteen #1 singles and nearly thirteen million album sales under his belt, you won’t want to miss the icon known for hits like “Paint Me a Birmingham” and “Alibis.” October 22 at 7:00pm

10 | Flying Dog’s film series continues with “A Few Good Men”

With Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson, Demi Moore, and more, “A Few Good Men” follows a military lawyer as he defends marines being accused of murder. Come enjoy the 1992 cult classic… and don’t forget about the happy hour before the show at 6:30! October 25 at 7:30pm

11 | Explore the intersection of African-tinged grooves and supple jazz

International songwriter Somi is bringing her distinct blend of social consciousness, jazz, and soul music to the Weinberg later this month. Named “the quintessential artist citizen of the world” by NPR, this musical powerhouse pays homage to her roots in an evening of melodic storytelling. October 26 at 7:30pm

12 | Industry legend Steven Curtis Chapman presents a night of musical worship

Hailed as “the Michael Jordan of Christian music” by TNT, Steven Curtis Chapman is the most-awarded Christian music artist in history. With thirty years of music and five Grammy awards to his name, you won’t want to miss him… live! October 29 at 7:00pm

See you at the theater!