Art Gallery

The Weinberg Center for the Arts is seeking local and regional artists to display their collection in our lobby gallery.

For information about this show at the Weinberg, and its other offerings, call 301-600-2828.

Gallery Information

Artists interested in showing art in the Weinberg Gallery should contact John Healey, and reference the artists guidelines, which you can download here: Artists Guidelines

Current Gallery Exhibit: “Unique Visions” by Richard Paul Weiblinger

Richard Paul Weiblinger is an award-winning, self-taught photographer. His photographs capture the ever-changing moments of our world, with a strong emphasis on color. Through his photographs, Weiblinger reveals a passion for exploring our world by transforming everyday views and objects into art. Preferring subjects that lead to images with chromatic strength, he uses creative and natural lighting for illumination. Favorite subjects include vibrant flowers, still lifes, maritime images, and landscapes. His close-up images are created using a shallow and selective depth of field. Recently, he has begun using a relatively new post processing technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range) to further explore this interaction. His hope is that each person will view his photographs a little differently and find a new appreciation of the world around them.

Weiblinger resides in suburban Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. For further information about Weiblinger, please visit

Richard Weiblinger_Red Silos 7859

Richard Weiblinger_Flowing Pier 2620

Pier with Fog 2739

Lotus Glowing7474