Art Gallery

The Weinberg Center for the Arts is seeking local and regional artists to display their collection in our lobby gallery.

For information about this show at the Weinberg, and its other offerings, call 301-600-2828.

Gallery Information

Artists interested in showing art in the Weinberg Gallery should contact John Healey, and reference the artists guidelines, which you can download here. Artists Guidelines (.doc 91k)

Current Gallery Exhibit

Ten years ago this week, the Board of Commissioners took unanimous action to slow the rapid destruction of Frederick County’s last remaining rural, gravel roads.  To mark the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the Rural Roads Program, the juried show, “Experience Gravel Roads… Through the Eyes of the Artist,” will be exhibited at the Weinberg Center in Frederick MD from Thursday, October 4th, to Tuesday, November 27th 2012.  The public is invited to the Opening Reception from 5-7 p.m. on October 4th.

Many of Frederick County’s rural roads are glimpses into the past.  They carry travelers back to a time when life was slower, simpler, and occurred within a very small local area.

The Frederick Plein Air Artists have been taking their easels and paints to remote places in the county throughout the summer to illustrate the county’s last remaining rural roads.

“Gravel roads offer texture, dimension, and character that bring a landscape to life,” said Anne Gibson Snyder, an artist who has painted scenes along numerous rural roads in the area.  “We’re pleased for this opportunity to feature works that benefit from these hidden gems that have been saved for future generations in our County.”

Paintings featuring interpretations of Frederick County’s rural roads and their surrounding natural beauty will be on exhibit and available for purchase at this commemorative show. Prizes will be awarded to the artists during the opening reception of the show.