Red Green’s “LIVE” Wit & Wisdom Tour

For special needs, groups, or to order a subscription series, call our box office at 301-600-2828.Tickets

November 4, 2012 3:00 pm Buy Tickets

$5 Producer Fee per ticket

Red Green is Steve Smith, the star, producer, and co-writer of The New Red Green Show. A native of Toronto, Canada, Smith worked as a steam fitter, car jockey, postman, lab technician, and elementary school teacher before entering the entertainment business fulltime. He toured Canada and the U.S. in a rock band called Jason and then formed the comedy duo of Smith & Smith with his wife. It was when Smith & Smith became a series on Canadian TV that the performer’s most popular alter ego Red Green was created. Smith also wrote and produced numerous episodes of Me & Max and The Comedy Mill and wrote for Laughing Matters, Out of Our Minds pilot, and Top Cops.

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